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"I'm with APRTR, a photographic service based on image building."

Aike de Waard

Flocker – Online┬ámarketing and hosting agency

Reinard van Dalen

"Using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world"

Celyne Schuurman

"I would like to take on existing challenges and change them into new and innovative ideas."

Bastiaan Star

"We are working on a disruptive drug delivery technology"

Eva de Mol

"I decided to join VentureLab North to work on my business idea Smart Fellows"

Nick Bootsma

"I would love to be able to build up a company that has a positive influence on others and the world."

Annebel ten Broeke

"I'm doing my pre-master in Strategic Innovation Management at RUG"

Sarah Neumann
Christoph Egbring

"I would love to combine my two passions: Medicine and Entrepreneurship"

Nutte van Belzen


Freya Liemburg

"I am working on an innovation in the police sector"

Kim Ederveen

I help entrepreneurs and individuals to get started with their administration process and help them file for taxes. You get a university schooled tax expert for a sharp price.

Martijn Paping

"Almanapp was founded in Groningen in 2013"

Djurre de Boer

"My dream is to be involved in the biggest innovations happening around the world"

Wisse Krikke

"Enactus is a platform where students can set up a social enterprise."

Anne-Fleur Kessel

"After getting a PhD in Computational Biology I became more interested in entrepreneurial activities"

Ignacio Faustino
Rejda Llakaj

"We want to connect associations with their members"

Bas Krijgsman

"An interactive app serves the members of an organisation"

Mark Gertsen

"I'm a student assistant at the Energy Academy Europe here in Groningen"

Adam Zrodlowski

"I'm fulfilling the Marketing and Recruitment position in the board of Enactus Groningen"

Andrea Bolt

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